Artist Statement

      Jon Harris


Sacred Place is my subject. 

These paintings are mandalas for contemplation. 

My inspiration comes from an inner vision either in meditation, while doing Yoga, or in a dream.

This happens  not often, but when it does I am in a state of quiet receptive mind. The images in my work mirror a spiritual reality.  Pure color expresses a high spiritual vibration. 

The seven rays (rainbow colors) correspond to the seven chakras

(energy centers of consciousness along the spine from the base to the top of the head on the spirit body of a human being). 

My work is composed of the following nine principle images.


The Temple is the holy place where God is worshiped, offerings are made, and prayers are performed,Grace and inspiration received.  A Sky Temple's focus is on the sky, a metaphor for pure Buddha mind, or the enlightened mind.


The Celestial Passage or Portal is a gateway to the world of the Spirit and Higher Consciousness.


The Crystal Lotus represents consciousness, spiritual power and knowledge, unfolding enlightenment.The Lotus is continually opening and closing, it's petals representing awakened pure mind.


The Sacred Fire or Crystal Flames represents the purification of consciousness.


The Altar is the focus of worship, devotion, and offering.

The Throne of the Guru, or enlightened Master is the seat of enlightenment and God's Grace bestowing power.


The Pyramid is spiritual power made manifest in the material world.


Crystal Projectiles in flight represent spiritual intelligence, energy, movement, and the activity of spirit.  They are seeds of awakening spiritual power and knowledge.


 The Arch is the gateway to a holy place and a passage to transformation. 


 The twofold purpose of this art is a reflection of my own personal spiritual growth and aspiration, and to express a spirituality that is universal. 

For me these images are beyond words.

They are Beauty, and this Beauty inspires a quiet mind.


                                                                                                JON HARRIS